The conversation on male body positivity is long overdue. There is a unhealthy double standard for boys & men everywhere. Women have successfully been fighting against unrealistic body ideals being exposed to the public (wether digitally altered or not) for years and finally shifted the perception of female beauty towards all shapes, sizes and colors.

But somehow this discussion never happened to include the male body measurements. Maybe it did, but the uproar wasn‘t loud enough to really come through with a message and the change. Maybe that‘s because  women can openly admit to their issues with their appearance due to comparisons by what is showcased in the media, men most likely will get called out for being not confident enough or too vain to even think thus far.

The goal is not to discriminate the athletic male body, cause it’s just as beautiful and earned through hard labor. The goal lies within the coverage and visibility of various body types and normalize body diversity. 


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