I wanted to take a closer look into some of these areas where these prefabricated homes exist. I spent time in those places trying to visualize for myself, how their ‘Urlaub auf Balkonien’ looks like. From Chur, to Zurich, to Aarau and Bern - I made my way into these neighborhoods to document them. I didn't had a plan in what I capture, more of wanted to let the place guide me through. Where some places fascinated me with their monotone and simple structure, some were colorful and surrounded by nature.

No place was like the other, so it's hard to grasp in words, what this documentation has come to for me. My curiosity for these homes is still here. More so now than ever I am interested in the people living there as I experienced them to be extremely friendly and communicative throughout my journey.

I hope you enjoy the photographs as much as I enjoyed roaming around and looking for interesting contrasts, perspectives and more. I could take this work to the next level, and visit places like Berlin or go even more East where some of the craziest concrete housings are..but maybe next year!